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Hamble Gives Hope


Become a Hamble ambassador and join our movement of confidence and empowerment! This means being a part of a community of courageous, strong individuals who desire to build others up. It means promoting the brand to allow more people to make a difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse. It means growing your own social presence, getting the opportunity to have a say in something that matters, and being in the know before everyone else.


Do you want to be a part of the team?

Unlike most brands, we pride ourselves on creating a team of real people. You don't have to be a survivor to get involved, but we firmly believe in the power of sharing your story to empower others! Everyone's story is unique and influences the person they become.


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What It Means

Being a part of Hamble allows you to help create a community of confidence and empowerment.

The Values

Play an important role in spreading the Hamble message of hope.

The Perks

Get an exclusive discount code and get paid $5 any time your code gets used.

Spread the Love

Build your following and see yourself featured on Hamble’s social platforms.


I got to model a yellow crop top with tied shoulder straps that I absolutely LOVED. Yellow is my favorite color in the entire world and wearing it makes me so happy and confident. I seriously want to buy that shirt myself.

Betsy Smith